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Outdoor Coffee Catering for Weddings by The Beanerys™ started these services when it realized that coffee cannot miss from events like weddings and there is a shortage of top quality wedding coffee catering service providers. In an Indian wedding, guests like to stay a while and have chit chat & fun, so a cup of hot coffee will keep their energy and mood alive.

But we also understand that it is sound so cheap to serve just the plain old coffee cup in the wedding. Due to the size and importance of the event, this cannot be done. The coffee artist taking care of our coffee catering will be able to prepare some coffee specialties as per guest demands as well.

The espresso latte and cappuccino are just a few of the examples of coffee assortments that can be served by The Beanerys™.

The idea to serve quality coffee cup is to make people feel like they are a part of a sophisticated event, not offering coffee that they can have every day in their house. We wish to make a statement in this Coffee catering field, by providing only the best outdoor coffee catering for weddings in Jaipur, Ajmer & Pushkar.

Our outdoor coffee catering for weddings parties comes fully equipped with everything it needs for an exceptional experience of your guests. You won’t have to worry about anything, as we will take care of everything, including supplies and you can enjoy your wedding and guest attending. We will set up our espresso bar and start running it before the wedding party starts.

We just need the wedding scheduled for the day, and we will make sure that we will be there on time to serve delicious coffee to your guests. We only use the highest coffee quality, with a fantastic taste and original flavor.

Guests will be indeed attracted by the smell of fresh ground coffee, making them ask for a cup of this warm beverage. So, if you are making a wedding party must have listed with, do write down The Beanerys™ outdoor coffee catering for weddings Jaipur.

Give us a call and come down to talk to us about how you are arranging your wedding, as we are here to complete the mood. Your guests and loved ones will expect you to have delicious coffee available. They will surely remember that they had the best wedding coffee in your function, the service was flawless and coffee was just awesome. Let us call for a cup of coffee.