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The Beanerys-Exceptionally Rich!

Coffee is a popular brewed drink prepared from roasted seeds, commonly called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. It is known to be the most traded goods in the world and some even say it’s an addiction while for many it’s an obsession and the only way to get a new day started. We personally think it’s a tradition! It reminds us of people we’ve offered a cup to, emotions we have shared with them which are special moments of our life. The type of coffee we make is an extremely personal thing, whether you prefer it dark or light decaffeinated or not, there’s a blend that’s perfect.

The Coffee itself a very rich source to be active and make your mind healthy to be more creative and innovative. But have you ever wondered how a rich coffee can attract you? It’s through our exceptionally rich sandwiches and an ultimate range of pizzas. we at The Beanerys are featuring around 30 variants of coffee for a 30 days of a month along with 100s of additions including sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pastas, maggie, desserts, shakes, mocktails and much more…….So join us and Enjoy the amazing world of taste !!

Our Mission

is to develop strong relations between coffee & our customer. As we pamper our customers with an exceptional café experience. Which we do that in a few different ways however we believe the best experience begins with the coffee & food itself and that means working with extra ordinary machine & quality of food & coffee. But we also know that outstanding coffee & food does not make a great café. We believe in the idea of the café as a social institution, it’s a positive landmark in the area where work gets done, Business meats, people connect and ideas are shared. Our open modern space, colorful sitting space & blissful music is the ideal arrangement to sit at any part of the day.

Our Vision

is to provide great service great food & blissfull coffee to our customers & provide opportunity for the small investors who wants to own their own coffee bar.